Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game – Stretch Goals Box


The Stretch Goals Box includes high-quality pre-painted sculpts and standard Battle Decks for Balrog, Blanka, Dee Jay, Cammy, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Evil Ryu, Fei Long, Gouken, Guile, T. Hawk, and Violent Ken.

All characters are compatible with all modes of play found in the Core Box. An alternative Bison Cammy sculpt can be used in place of Cammy and M. Bison.

Also included are components to play Gouken as a boss in Boss Mode or Nemesis mode. Double-sided boards for Ken and Ryu’s stages to be used exclusively in Classic Mode. And a components to play the Bonus Car Stage mode.

Included in the Stretch Goals:

  • 12 Custom Miniatures and their battle decks!
  • 1 Bison Cammy Miniature
  • 2 Game Boards for Classic Mode
  • Boss Mode and Nemesis components for Gouken
  • Rules and Stage for the Car Bonus Round!
  • Rules for running your very own Capcom Cup tournament!

BRAND: Jasco

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