The Ratcatcher, Solo Adventure – Core Set


Product Description:
The Ratcatcher is a solo board game in which you play as the title character, tasked with ridding the Kingdom of Brie of a rat plague. Using your skills and cunning, you must navigate your way through a treacherous cityscape, defeat hordes of rats, and ultimately confront the Nemises Rat in this exciting and challenging game. With changing rules and ever-growing numbers of rats. Gather Magic cheese as you race against the ever-growing number of rats.
The Ratcatcher is a challenging and exciting game that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. So grab your bait and cage, put on your best boots, and get ready to take on the rats!

The core box set contains everything you need to play this cheese-filled solo adventure game.

2nd Edition Print – Updated Rulebook 


  • 6  Custom Wooden Ratcatcher Character Tokens & corresponding Dual Layered Player Boards
  • 4  Custom Wooden Nemesis Rats & corresponding Nemesis Boards
  • 64  Custom shaped Rat Tokens (Ratples)
  • 18  Custom shaped Magic Cheese tokens (Sparkly Plastic)
  • 1 Ratcage (3D wooden construct)
  • 1  Rat Sack (Material: Jute)
  • 12 Unique Peculiar Rat punch tokens & cards (tarot sized)

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