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Get ready for more realistic sniper action as City Interactive’s first-person shooter video game Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 returns to PlayStation 3. Step into your ghillie suit and choose from an arsenal of accurately re-created weapons to kill enemies and hit targets in a variety of locations. With the help of your spotter, you will move through diverse environments such as jungle, urban, and mountainous, to take your enemies down one at a time. To accurately hit their targets game players must take account of external conditions, such as wind direction, wind speed, and distance, all while regulating their breathing so they can make the best one shot kill with their sniper rifle. In some areas with low visibility, you have to wear thermal or night-vision goggles. Players can engage in multiplayer co-op takedowns, witness action scenes, and use a variety of stealth tactics. Ghost Warrior 2 for PS3 is an accomplished stealth shooter game, with realistic sniper physics, scaled-down difficulty, and a smarter enemy than what gamers encountered in the previous version of the game. The game is challenging without being too difficult, and most of your time during gameplay is spent as part of the three-part campaign. You play as the character Cole, a special ops sniper helping assault teams in real world hot zones that range from Nepal to the Philippines to Sarajevo

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