nenesupply Breastpump Kit


Contains tubing for NEW PUMP IN-STYLE ADVANCED

21mm & 24mm (SM & MED) sizes in stock.


  • 2 Breastshields
  • 2 Valves
  • 4 Membranes
  • Contains 2 One-Piece Small (24mm) Breastshields, 2 Valves, 4 Membranes, and 2 pump-in-style tubing.
  • Made from BPA free Materials. Comply with EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that intended to come into contact with food. Every batch is tested by independent labs for safety.
  • This product is designed to use with Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced breastpump released after July, 2006.
  • The tubing has adapter on one end, and soft on the other. Please refer to face plate photos before making purchases.
  • Does NOT include bottles. The Breastshield can be connected with Medela storage bottle. Breastshield is compatible with Medela valves and membranes. All parts interchangeable with Medela parts.
  • Can be used with hand free pumping bra as illustrated in product photo. All items packaged in retail box as shown in the photo, sealed by manufacturer for best protection and hygiene.
This product is designed to use with Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced breastpump, released after July 2006. It contains 2 breastshields, 2 valves, 4 membranes, and 2 pump-in-style tubing. The tubing has adapter on one end and soft on the other. The breastshield is designed in one-piece, and thus, have better suction than 2-piece ones. In addition, we give you extra membranes so you can have replacement when existing ones break. NeneSupply breastshield can be connected with Medela storage bottles, and is compatible with Medela valve and membrane. You may attach your own Medela valve onto NeneSupply breastshields, or you can also purchase spare NeneSupply duckbill valve on Amazon. For best protection and hygiene, all items are packaged in corrugated carton, sealed by manufacturer.
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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 14 cm

21mm, 24mm