Nuk Orthodontic Nipples 0m+ Slow (2 Wide-Neck Silicone Nipples)


NUK offers orthodontic replacement nipples that help promote healthy oral development as your baby grows. Every nipple features the NUK Air System – a unique venting system – which helps reduce colic. The natural shaped nipple mimic’s Mom’s to help make baby’s transition from breast to bottle a seamless one. This unique nipple also has the drinking hole specially located on the top side – not the tip like round nipples — which allows the milk to mix more effectively with saliva and promote easier digestion. NUK Orthodontic Replacement Nipples are silicone and fit all NUK wide neck bottles.

NUK Orthodontic Replacement Nipples help support healthy oral development

Features unique NUK Air System which helps to reduce colic

Natural shape nipple allows easy back and forth between breast and bottle

Drinking hole specially located on the top side of the nipple – versus the tip on round bottle nipples – that promotes better, easier digestion

Fits all NUK wide neck bottles

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