Lego Bionicle Bohrok Pahrak 8560


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Released in 2002, the LEGO Bionicle Bohrok Pahrak (8560) set is another entry in the award-winning line of LEGO Bionicle toys. Unlike other LEGO toys that are constructed using only bricks, the Bionicle Bohrok toy is constructed out of ball joints, pegs, and gears. With multiple ball joints in the feet, hips and elbows, Bohrok strikes almost any pose without falling over. This 41-piece set comes in a resealable container, so if you want to dismantle your Bionicle figure, you can easily store the pieces without losing them. Like most Bionicle figures, Bohrok has an action feature: Press the lever on his back to make his head shoot out. To round out this impressive list of features, this Bionicle set can be combined with other Bionicle sets to create frightening new heroes or villains.

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