WWE Smackdown VS. Raw PS2 Playstation 2 Sony


Item includes game manuals and original case. Disc has been professionally resurfaced and has a mirror like finish with no scratches. Some minor buffing markings may remain. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Players can create their own characters and lead them through an authentic WWE storyline, to become league heroes or despised villains, as THQ’s popular professional wrestling series returns to the ring. Once again developed by Yuke’s Co., 2004’s SmackDown! Vs. Raw allows players to choose whether their characters will be “good guys” or “bad guys,” each with advantages and limitations. Bad guys get little love from the crowd, but they can ignore the referees and take all the dirty shots they want. Good guys have to play by the rules (and play to the crowd), but when they fill their “clean fighting” meters, they become nearly invincible, and gain access to a number of powerful, unstoppable attacks.

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