Woods Indoor Mechanical Mini Timer With 24-Hour Settings 2 Pack


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Key Features

2 Conductor outlet and plug
Instruction slot and manual override switch
Never lose pins cannot be removed or lost
Programmable in 30 min interval
Up to 24 on or off settings per day, repeats daily

Lamp/appliance timers indoor – mechanical 24-hour Compact design. Multiple daily programming, cycle repeats every 24 hours. Plugs directly into wall outlet. Up to 24 on/off settings per day. Programmable in 30 minute intervals. Capacity 15 amp (1875 watts) resistive / 8 amp, 1000 watts tungsten / 5 amp b allast, 125 volt, 60 Hz. Pins cannot be removed or lost. CSA Certified C/US, CFL compatible. White with taupe silkscreen.

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