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Picking up where 2001’s Return to Castle Wolfenstein left off, Wolfenstein continues the alternate-history World War II storyline starring the heroic BJ Blazkowicz. The Nazis’ depraved and twisted experiments in the occult have succeeded. Using portals to a dark dimension known as the Veil, the Nazis now have the capacity to construct a world-altering weapon. As the grizzled Blazkowicz, you must go behind enemy lines to stop the Nazis’ terrifying technology. Battle a ghastly mix of human soldiers and supernatural creatures while using authentic weapons of the era, or wield more fantastical inventions like tesla guns and particle cannons.

Blazkowicz can also channel four mystical powers once he acquires an amulet from the Veil. These powers will grant you the temporary ability to slow time, enhance your vision, absorb bullets, and more. Discover hidden gold, intelligence, and tomes to trade for weapon upgrades such as silencers or enhancements to your Veil powers. Wolfenstein also includes optional side missions from the multiple cities you’ll visit throughout the campaign. In addition to the solo game, Wolfenstein includes class-based online action for up to 16 players. Experience earned during the multiplayer component can be used to purchase various unlockables for use in subsequent matches.

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