Whoop Mens LARGE Any-Wear Athletic Boxer 5″ Smart Apparel (Black)


Capture your data with performance apparel that supports you and your fitness goals. Our Any-Wear Athletic Boxer was designed with a soft elastic waistband, no-friction seams, and a smooth to the touch fabric that provides compression and breathability. Made with an internal WHOOP® pod to house your WHOOP 4.0 and keep it secure while you get your sweat on.

What is WHOOP Body?

Our enhanced line of technical garments, WHOOP Body, was engineered with multi-point wearability and built-in WHOOP pods to house WHOOP 4.0 and detect data in multiple places across your body. Plus, WHOOP 4.0 leverages Any-Wear technology so you can monitor your data and use the app to detect sensor placement when you insert it into any WHOOP Body garment. Only compatible with WHOOP® 4.0.

MPN: 927-04-00-0-2
STYLE: Athletic Boxer 5

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Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 4 cm