Whirlpool Self Cleaning Stainless Steel Water Cooler


Item is open box.
Item has several dents from being shipped. One small dent top back right side, front panel for that dispenses water is loose, bottom front panel is out of alignment and loose, mid left side has 2 small dents, lower quarter panel of left side is slightly pushed in with several dents, bottom left of back is slightly pushed in. Cosmetic damage to housing does not affect the function of the unit. Item shows no sign of use. Item has been tested and functions as intended.

This Whirlpool? self cleaning stainless steel water cooler has an automatic self cleaning system that?s injects unstable oxygen into the water cooler. This charged oxygen destroys bacteria on contact, preventing the bacteria biofilm buildup that occurs in regular coolers. This keeps your water tasting fresh and sanitary over years of use. In normal water coolers, bacteria levels are often hundreds or even thousands of times higher than government recommended safety limits as they are seldom cleaned.

This beautifully designed product will give you a faster pour, colder water, hotter water, and all in an attractive cabinet. With water that is as cold as 3-degree Celsius, you can enjoy the fresh taste of a nice glass of icy-cold water. Instantly-hot water temps will allow you the convenience of hot tea and soups, immediately! ?Piano-key? push-buttons are designed to prevent tipping and remain high enough to keep toddlers from accessing them.

CAUTION: The self-cleaning system does not purify or filter water, you must always use quality water.
? Bacteria buildup is prevented by using reactive oxygen to clean the inside of the cooler.

? Automatically cleans six times a day.

? Dispenses hot and cold water

? Efficient 3 L cold reservoir provides improved cooling performance

? Uses 11.36 or 18.93 L (3- or 5-gal.) bottles (not included)

? Convenient push-button controls on top

? Child safety switch on hot control

? Cold output: 3.79 L (1 gal.) per hour at 4?C to 10?C (40?F to 50?F)

? Hot output: 3.79 L (1 gal.) per hour at 85?C to 92?C (185?F to 199?F)

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