Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey – Nintendo 64 – Cartridge Only N64


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The first Nintendo 64 cartridge to support four players simultaneously is a port of 1996’s hard-hitting arcade title from Atari Games. Twenty-six NHL teams are available in three play modes: Arcade, Simulation, and Practice. Each team offers 17 playable athletes rated in categories like shooting, speed, and strength. Arcade Mode features controls similar to such Midway hits as NBA Jam and NFL Blitz. Players can use turbo boosts for sudden surges in skating speed, and set a goal’s net ablaze with power shots. Fights are also plentiful, and goalies can transform into brick walls (literally) after stopping six consecutive shots.

Simulation Mode features six-on-six action on larger rinks, without the ability to use power shots, brick walls, and similar embellishments. Practice Mode allows players to test their offense, defense, and shooting skills in specific scenarios against the computer or a friend. After each session, players will receive a ranking and a possible medal or trophy based on their overall performance. Adjustable game options include team size, rink surface, difficulty level, and period length. Individual toggles are also available for fighting, penalties, line changes, fatigue, and game speed. Four bonus teams can be unlocked, and players can input codes to modify the game in various ways.

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