Voltron, Vol. 5: Defender of the Universe-Black Lion5 DVD Set SteelBook


Product is new, factory sealed. Due to the design of the Steel Book casing (raised embossing in high stress areas) and the way it was packed and distributed from the manufacturer (no protection between units in a case) there is a slight indentation in the front-top-left corner of the embossing around the corner, it is very hard to notice. There is some faint wear along the top edge of the nose edge and seen on one of the back of the cases corners. This disclosed wear is from transport of these units in master cases. Other then this minor “shelf wear” the item you will receive will be be in excellent condition, factory sealed. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Princess Alura have finally launched a successful assault on Planet Doom and destroyed King Zarkon s arsenal. In response, Zarkon calls upon all his evil allies in the empire. The undefeated warrior Stride is bound to answer this call by an ancient oath, even though he is an honorable man. The most dangerous new arrival is Queen Merla, who is as cruel as she is beautiful. With her psychic powers and strategic talent, the Voltron Force s only hope is to convince her to switch sides. Meanwhile, Galaxy Garrison prepares a massive counterstrike against the Druel Empire with the help of all the Alliance planets. Zarkon and his new allies stage a raid on their headquarters during the Alliance meeting, forcing Voltron into a life or death struggle with Galaxy Garrison as the backdrop!

PACKAGING: Custom SteelBook
ISBN: 1-59883-117-8
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