Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s Canadian Edition


How 80s are you? Find out as we bring back the most outrageous decade filled with big events, bigger fads and over-the-top personalities. We’ve crammed them all into this way-cool edition of Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s Canadian Edition.

Rewind the decade of yuppies, big hair and break dancing! Play the popular trivia game’s 80s edition, with cool retro packaging and questions written in a flashback tone! There are 2400 trivia questions in six categories to take you back to that colorful decade! Game includes 4 collectible tokens based on 80s icons.

The decade was loud, neon-splashed and full of excess. But it was totally 80s. Welcome back!


1900 General 1980’s Question Cards and 500 Canadian Question Cards with Answers on Back

Storage Box



4 Decorated Pawns

24 Scoring Wedges


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