TMNT Turtle Secret City Sewer Lair Playset 89801


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Playset is in overall good condition however there are some issues to note. On of the support pieces is broken at the base. There are stress marks on a few pieces, notably the left platform and the lamp post. Lamp post is slightly warped. About 35 inches high by 33.5 inches wide by 19 inches deep assembled. Unit will ship disassembled. No pizza accessory is included. Some scratching on the back of the cardboard scenic piece. No other accessories or pieces are included with this listing other than what is photographed. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

In New York City, an old threat returns. New mutants run rampant. You must join forces with your allies and become the hero the city needs to save the day. With this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 2 City Sewer Lair Playset, you can partner up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in order to ensure that good wins over evil. Just like in the movie, you can battle the Foot Clan out on the street, and then retreat via the water slide to your sewer lair. Once there, you will be able to help Donatello in his garage and tech lab, bring yourself back to a calm state in Splinter’s meditation area or work up a sweat in Raphael’s gym to prepare for the next battle. Are you ready?
Product Highlights

With over 15 features and a 40 in. tall size, this sewer lair playset provides plenty of room to save the city
Play in Donatello’s garage and tech lab to form new mutations
Stop enemy advances with the oven-style pizza disc launcher
Escape from the Foot Clan on street level by opening the trap door and sliding down the water slide
Prepare for battle in Raphael’s gym, and soothe all your worries in Splinter’s meditation room

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