Thundercracker Deluxe Cybertron Transformers Hasbro Takara 2004


Item is in good condition, showing minimal signs of wear. To our knowledge this item is complete. Cyber key does match the picture in instructions but it functions as it should. Please see all provided photographs for a representation of the item you will receive.

Thundercracker. If the sound of that name sends chills to your very soul, its with good reason. Thundercracker is a cruel robot warrior with the capacity to transform himself into a flying machine. He works alongside Megatron, villainous leader of the Decepticon cause otherwise known as The Bad Guys. Thundercrackers main claim to fame is an ability to force super-compressed air vibrations through his engine intakes, giving him surges of acceleration and generating a focused sonic boom that wreaks havoc on his enemies and their machines. Fans of the fictional Transformers Universe wont rest until they get their hands on the nefarious Thundercracker. This die-cast metal figure stands six inches tall and changes, with a few twists and flips of his limbs, into a fierce looking fighter jet, the better to spread death and destruction en route from Cybertron to Earth. –Emilie Coulter

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Dimensions 28 × 20 × 14 cm