The Invincible Iron Man Comic Graphic Novel Hardcover Book Marvel


He’s outrun Norman Osborn, and kept the database of superhuman secret identities safe and secure. But in doing so, Tony Stark has lost just about everything: his armor, his power – even his very mind. Now, at his absolute lowest point, it will take Tony’s last reservoir of will – and a band of brothers including Thor, Captain America, War Machine and Black Widow – to keep from losing it all and sow the seeds for a brighter tomorrow. Stark Industries’ arms-manufacturing days are over: Tony’s new company, Stark Resilient, is bringing modern tech to the masses without bringing innocent people to their knees. But there’s a competitor on the scene, a mother/daughter team with a very familiar name ready to pick up the slack with an armor called Detroit Steel. They’ve started a deadly game of international intrigue that will bring one of Iron Man’s deadliest foes back into the fray – but for the Hammer girls, that was merely the opening salvo. With War Machine grounded by the Pentagon, Pepper missing the RT-charged heart that made her Rescue and Tony’s Resilient team struggling to put their clean-energy tech into production, they’re about to up the ante. Now, Iron Man’s going to find out just what “resilient” really means.

BRAND: Marvel
ISBN: 978-0-7851-4553-0
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