STIKBOT Lot of 6 Figurines Dinosaur Toys – Carnotaurus – T-REX- Brontosaurus (Blue & Green)


This lot is as pictured, the items you will receive are the items in the pictures. Condition is factory sealed. Includes the master case from the factory, we have opened the master case to show you what colors of figures you will receive as the factory sends out random assortments in the master cases.

You will receive:

Quantity / Color / Item / UPC
1 GREEN Carnotaurus 008983136242
1 BLUE Carnotaurus 008983136242
1 BLUE T-REX 008983116244
1 GREEN T-REX 008983116244
1 BLUE Brontosaurus 008983126243
1 GREEN Brontosaurus 008983126243

UPC: 008983116244

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