Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

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Perform awe-inspiring stunts at speeds up to 20 mph! With the touch of a button, execute left & right barrel rolls, forward & reverse inside loops or take it to the next level with DOUBLE flips and DOUBLE barrel rolls! There’s 8 one-touch stunts to choose from. Fourth generation S1700 Stunt Drone is updated with all new Flight Assist Features including Auto Launch, Auto Hover and Auto Land! Flight Assist features leverage avionics technology for performance, precision and stability to make learning easy for those new to the world of drones. Choose Manual Altitude for complete control of stunt maneuvers or Auto Hover for hands free altitude control. Viperflight and firmware results in a fast, stable, and easy to control flight experience. Fly indoors or out with the impact resistant DuraflexTM body. The S1700 Stunt Drone is faster, easier to maneuver, and easier to master than ever before!

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Dimensions 45 × 39 × 14 cm