Roberto Alomar Paul Molitor John Olerud Triple Bobblehead Toronto Blue Jays (FACTORY DEFECTS)


FACTORY DEFECTS: Molitor has some blue paint on his left cheek, also Molitor has some kind of adhesive/or/paint chip on his left side-burn (see photos). Alomar’s and Molitor’s faces are turned towards each-other and are rubbing up against each-other, we have not attempted to fix this but we will wedge a piece of bubble wrap between the faces for added protection during shipping (photo). The edge of Alomar’s hat’s bill edge has some paint loss (see photo). The condition of the item is otherwise excellent, the bats are still taped into the bubble packaging.  No signs of “use” or display. Box is in good condition with some minor imperfections on the flaps (photo). Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Three of the most impactful players from that group: Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, and John Olerud. Now, the trio is immortalized in bobblehead form; a pose based off one of the Blue Jays’ most iconic photos from the 1993 season.

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