PON Memory Foam U Pillow Neck Head Support Travel


OPTIMIZED CURVE/ A MULTI-PURPOSE PILLOW-U-shaped ring care, fit the cervical spine, enhance the supporting effect, lift the shoulder and neck overhead fatigue. According to the need for positive and negative use, suitable for a variety of posture sleep, but also when the cushion, suitable for travel, office, lunch break, home and Cervical spine discomfort crowd.
MAXIMUM COMFORT/ CARE OF YOUR CERVICAL SPINE-3D ergonomic design,Multi-angle protection of the cervical spine: the rear hump shape fixed cervical spine, to prevent the head side slip; both sides of the groove, natural fit, to reduce the amount of bone pressure, more pressure and breathable; front plus high, to prevent excessive head down Tilt, conducive to cervical line health protection.
TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE MEMORY COTTON/ RELIEVES YOUR FATIGUE-High-grade 5-second slow rebound memory cotton pillow core, comfortable and breathable, through the sense of temperature sensing memory needs of the body to automatically adjust the shape, naturally meet the head and neck curve, reduce the pressure on the neck, flexible support the cervical spine, relieve fatigue.
SOFT AND SMOOTH/ HEALTHY AND COMFORTABLE-Super soft silver fox texture plush velour fine soft, not pilling, not fade, give your skin mild care
HOME AND TRAVEL THE MOST CONSIDERATE COMPANION-Perfect for cars, by plane, travel and at home.

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