Pittsburgh Steelers NFL – Retro Logo 14 Wall Poster RP13181


Take a step back in time, and bring the glorious heritage of the Pittsburgh Steelers to your wall! This spectacular poster, features the legendary long-lost “Girder-kicker” logo of the 1960s, accented with the year 1933: the founding year of the franchise. From the original old-school logo, to the hot retro stylings of the graphic design, to the current team emblem, and the memorable original season, this one has it all! A truly special, unique item for your wall and your collection – these won’t be in stock forever, so grab yours now while you still can.

PROPERTY: NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers
SIZE : 22.375” x 34”

BRAND: Trends International
MPN: 882663031818
UPC: RP13181

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