Neato Pet & Allergy Filter 2-Pack 945-0048 (Genuine Original Neato Accessory)


Have your home’s floors and carpets looking sparkling clean and easily pick up your pet’s hair with Neato Robotics’ Pet & Allergy Filter. This 2-pack of Pet & Allergy Filters from Neato is all you’ll need to clean up your home and have it looking better than ever and free from pet hair and dander. It’s ideal for homes with both pets and allergy sensitivities, so everyone can comfortably coexist! These premium filters capture dust particles and reduce airborne allergens in your home and are compatible with Neato Robot Vacuums. Pick up this 2-pack of Pet & Allergy Filters from Neato Robotics and see the instant results for yourself!

  • Clean up pet hair and dander in a flash
  • The quick and efficient way to clean up after your pet
  • Ideal for homes with pets and allergy sensitivities
  • Captures fine dust particles and reduces airborne allergens
  • Compatible with Neato Robot Vacuums
  • Make life a little easier in the pet-friendly home

Neato Robotics Original Replacement Parts- Neato XV Series High-Performance Filters (2-pack). Compatible with Neato XV-11, XV-12, XV-14, XV-15, XV-21, XV-25, XV Signature Series


BRAND: Neato (Genuine)
UPC: 810841010317
MPN: 945-0048

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