Luxe Bidet BidetNeo120S Fresh Water Bidet with Self-Cleaning, Single Nozzle


Add a Single Nozzle Fresh Water Bidet with Self-Cleaning from Luxe Bidet to your existing toilet in as little as 15 minutes. This non-electric do-it-yourself installation bidet works with most standard two-piece toilets plus most one-piece toilets and includes a standard size braided steel hose for water connection. The Single Nozzle Fresh Water Bidet has a chrome-plated water pressure control knob to allow each user to adjust the pressure to their liking. The nozzle is retractable and stays hidden behind a guard gate when it is not in use and only appears when there is water pressure to activate it. While hidden behind the guard gate the nozzle will perform a self-cleaning to thoroughly rinse the nozzle and keep it sanitary for every use.

This Fresh Water Bidet comes with all needed accessories and installation instructions for a do-it-yourself installation. Luxe Bidet suggests that approximate installation time for this product is roughly 15-20 minutes and the tools needed for install are a screwdriver and wrench.

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