Lot of 44 Olay Foldable Compact Mirror Padded Silver Faux Leather Promotional


This is a lot of fourty-four (44) new fold-able compact mirrors. They are all branded “OLAY”. Sleeve Outer material is a padded faux leather-like material. The silver outer sleeve faux-leather material has been known to flake off with light use, possibly because this is old stock and the material has dried up. The units are new, individually wrapped and bubble-bagged. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Sleeve outer measurements:
11cm x 8cm x 1cm *approx*
Compact outer measurements (closed):
9cm x 6cm x .75cm *approx*

BRAND: Procter & Gamble

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Additional information

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 28 × 27 × 16 cm