Lego Technic Bionicle Tahu 8534


One of the four pieces that secure the mask in the wearing position has broken off. Mask does still stay/display in the wearing position. Item is otherwise in good used working condition complete with manual, canister and poster. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Released in 2001, Tahu was the figurehead for the original Toa line, and his Kanohi, the Hau, was the figure head of the story line and art up until 2006.

Everybody knows Tahu, perhaps the most well known and easily the most recognizable Bionicle set ever released. His color scheme in his Toa Mata form, was red for the body, the left hand, his feet, and his mask. His limbs were orange. Utilizing the gear system, his was to wield a fire sword in his right

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