Lego Technic Bionicle Onua 8532


Item includes figure, canister manual and original poster. Manual is curled and worn from storage, edges show some wear. Also included is another related poster not believed to be part of this set. Shows signs of light wear, comes from an adult collection which was all in very good condition. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Onua is an Earth spirit, and is at home below ground with his huge hands, he scrapes out tunnels in the rocky cliffs over Papu Niho Reef. His low, squat body and head allow him to move quickly in tunnels and his infrared eyes give him amazing night vision. In normal daylight his eyesight is poor, although he compensates with amazingly powerful hearing. He is slower on open land than underground, but has incredible strength and surprising dexterity. Onua is at one with the land. He can hear trouble coming from miles away, and on occasion can even persuade the landscape to do his bidding very useful when under attack.

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