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Listing includes figure, manual and canister. Manual is curved and slightly worn from storage. Figure shows light wear. Complete with original rubber band. Canister label appears to have a minor lamination defect, see photo. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

The Bohrok, a race consisting of six insectlike species that use elemental powers, add to the mythological story of the Bionicles
The Tahnok are the Fire Bohrok, who can melt anything they touch
This swarm is impulsive, prefers to fight in groups, and strikes quickly and methodically
This 40-piece Bionicle kit uses a system of ball-and-socket joints, pegs, gears, and machinelike body parts for assembly
The illustrated instructions are easy to follow, and the black, red, and orange pieces snap together without difficulty
The completed Tahnok stands solidly on its own, offers a variety of offensive or defensive poses
It can be suspended in its container when not in battle

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