8.5″ Rubber Antenna for Kenwood VHF 160MHz EXH-160-SFU


Laird TufDuck Extended Range 1/4 Wave Helical VHF High-Band Antenna For Kenwood models:

TK 5400, 290, 390, 190, 2140, 3140, 280, 380, 480,
481, 285, 385, 270G, 370G, 260G, 360G, 272G, 372G,
373G, 2100, 2160, 3100

VP 5000, 5230, and many more.

Manufacturer Laird Technologies
Frequency Range 155-165 MHz
Length 8.5″
Construction Molded
Antenna Type 1/4 wave base loaded
Compatibility SMA Female

The Laird EXH160SFU is a base loaded, extended range and length (Approx 8.5″), durable rubber duck antenna for the Kenwood TK series portable radios. It’s higher efficiency over shorter antennas extends transmit and receive range in the VHF High-Band for users in areas of poor or marginal radio coverage. Their enhanced performance combined with their durable rubber construction makes them very popular with users such as Military, Rural Fire Districts, Law Enforcement, Railroads, Search & Rescue, Forest Service, or any users who operate in rural, backcountry or wilderness areas.

Brand: Laird Technologies
Length: Approx 8.5″
Band: VHF High-Band
Frequency Range: 155-165 MHz
Center Tuning: 160 MHz
Wavelength: 1/4 Wave
Impedance: 50Ω
Polarization: Vertical
Radiation Pattern: Omnidirectional
VSWR: 2:1 Max At Resonance
Operating Temp: -40° to 85° C
Connector: Special SMA Female

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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 9 cm