KEF HTC1001.2 5.1 Surround Sound System


Item is an out of box product. Mesh screen of one speaker is scratched in several places another speaker has several very faint scratches on mesh. Center speaker has several scratches on back of case. Subwoofer has a very faint scratch on top of cabinet that can not be photographed. Item is fully tested to verify it is functioning properly. Item is verified to be complete. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

A compact and yet high performing subwoofer, the KUBE-1 provides a powerful and precise bass whether for the latest action packed blockbuster or the rhythmic sounds of that favourite CD. The sealed cabinet is designed to be space saving and yet the 200W on board amplifier which powers both the 200mm (8in.) long-throw bass driver and the 200mm (8in.) ABR (Active Bass Reflex) provides a performance that belies its size.

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