HP bt450 Printer and PC Adapter with Bluetooth Wireless Technology Q6398A v2.0


Create a local wireless network access point around your business PC, enabling wireless communication with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as keyboards, mice, printers, cell phones, headsets, digital cameras or personal digital assistants (PDA).

The HP bt450 Bluetooth Wireless Printer and PC Adapter is a wireless communication transmitter/receiver that plugs into any USB port on your HP Business Desktop. It supports the Bluetooth 2.0 SIG specification and provides wireless local area coverage over a radius of 100 feet (30 meters).

Bluetooth is an industry standard for personal area network (PAN) wireless communication. It represents a short-range wireless technology meant to replace wiring such as parallel printer cords, serial PDA cords and USB cables. With Bluetooth, you not only experience the benefits of reduced cable clutter (fewer cables and cords), but also have more convenient synchronizing, file sharing, and printing from within a wireless network. Since Bluetooth uses a very low-power signal, it also preserves battery power by providing low power consumption in both sleep modes and active operational modes.
Bluetooth can support authentication and encryption capabilities for both incoming and outgoing connections. Encryption is dependent on the devices security capabilities and whether a user level or ROM level security capability exists. The authentication scheme during device pairing requires a secret key or password to be generated. Validation of the secret key must be entered by the other party to complete the pairing process. Authentication A unique 128-bit encryption key is generated for each session, which is used to derive a unique key for each packet. providing a security advantage over 802.11 implementations.
Bluetooth networking technology within and around your business PC allows you to create the ultimate flexibility for synchronizing
and communicating with the many input/output and mobile devices that are becoming a fundamental requirement for successful business.

Key Benefits
Easy to use – simply plug it into the USB port of your HP Business Desktop or printer and run the Bluetooth software on the PC.
Supports Bluetooth-enabled peripherals like headsets, mice and keyboards.
Reduce desktop clutter by wirelessly printing files from your HP Business Desktop to a Bluetooth-enabled printer.
Connect range of up to 30 meters/100 feet.
Synchronizes with Bluetooth-enabled PDAs or cell phones.

Compatible printers include HP Photosmart 335, 385, 475, 425, 8250, 7850, and 8050 photo printers

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