Hasbro 4 Inch Indiana Jones Action Figure with the Ark of the Covenant


Item is new on retail card. Card is bent and separating at top left corner and the separating at the upper right corner as well as minor wrinkling along top edge. The plastic has faint scratches and a crease on upper left corner. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

“Disguised as local diggers, Indy and his Loyal friend, Sallah, gain access to the excavation site of Belloq and the Germans. with Sallah’s help, Indy lowers himself by rope into the restricted Map room. inside, He uses the staff of Ra to discover the true location of the well of souls, A Buried Chamber that hides the Ark of the Covenant.”

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Dimensions 29 × 32 × 16 cm