Halogen 150-Watt T3 J Type 78mm Light Bulb Globe Electric 00454


TWO (2) Globe Electric 00454 Halogen 150-Watt T3 J Type 78mm Double Contact Base Long Life Light Bulb, Clear

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Use in lighting systems such as track lighting, under cabinet lighting, recessed fixtures and outdoor fixtures that do NOT feature a voltage transformer connected directly to the main voltage supply.

Double contact base
130 volts halogen quartz light bulb
Beautiful halogen light output
Perfect for specialty fixtures
Long life

150-Watt Halogen J-Type 78mm rsc double contact Base, 130-Volt is a hard bulb to find but very effective. This bulb is long lasting and perfect for lamps and special light fixtures. Use glove to when handling to avoid getting oil on the bulb

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Dimensions 27 × 17 × 8 cm