GE Fanuc IC300OCS390BX OCS Demo Kit IC300FOX104 IC300DIQ611 IC300DIQ616


Items were pulled from a working environment and were last known-working at the time of removal. We have no way to fully test this equipment other than powering on and cycling through the menus. May be overdue for service and/or calibration. Cosmetically in good used condition showing signs of light to average use. Only the units cables/connectors pictured are included with this listing, there may be missing accessories. Listing features/includes: IC300OCS390bx, IC300FOX104, IC300DIQ611 & IC300DIQ616. No further testing has been done – other potential issues may exist. For these reasons we are selling this listing AS IS with NO RETURNS please. VIDEO is provided in the description of this listing, please view it as it is part of the description of the listing. Please see all provided photographs as they are pictures of the actual items you will recieve.

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