Elcometer 345 Digital Coating Paint Thickness Gauge


No probe included with this listing. Item is in good used working condition. Includes original case that is very worn, carry case outer material coating is disintegrating. We have tested and verified that this item functions as it should. Instrument may be overdue for calibration. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

The Elcometer 345 4 key Coating Thickness Gauge is an incredibly versatile gauge.

With a range of probes in both Integral or Separate probe versions for coating thickness measurements on Ferrous (F), Non Ferrous (NF) or both Ferrous and Non Ferrous (FNF) Substrates, the Elcometer 345 will have a gauge for your requirements.

The gauge is easy to use and has been designed with the operator in mind. User definable simple statistics allows the user to view average, standard deviation, number of readings, maximum & minimum thickness readings. These statistics can be printed out.

  • Keylock™ feature to avoid accidental recalibration
  • Switchable between microns or mm & mils
  • Bigfoot™ for stability on integral models
  • Ideal for flat, curved and blasted surfaces
  • Fast reading rate
  • Two point calibration

MPN: 345
BRAND: Elcometer

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