CIV-Flex Transducer Cover 3-1/2 X 24 Inch Sterile Ultrasound Probe – Case of 24


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Sterile 8.9 x 61cm (3.5″ x 24″) flat-folded CIV-Flex cover
CIV-Flex covers provide users with soft, durable, distortion-free imaging solutions in the ultrasound suite, while aiding in the prevention of cross-contamination. For convenient application of gel and easy application onto the transducer, a telescopic-fold is available.
Recommended for over two decades as the latex-free cover of choice, CIV-Flex covers are now available in lengths of 24, 36 and 58 inches. The extended length covers offer additional sterile protection when performing routine puncture and drainage procedures. The improved telescopic-fold allows for easy application of gel, as well as easy application of the cover onto the transducer.

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