Beyond The Beyond Sony Playstation One PS1 Game


Jewel case comes apart/separates at the hinges very easily but remains intact. Disc has been professionally resurfaced and is free of scratches. There may be some visible wear/markings from the resurfacing machine however the disc will be free of scratches, clean and completely playable. Complete with manual. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Beyond the Beyond is a story based around a young boy forced to face the threat of impending evil while searching for his father. The player can totally immerse himself in this epic RPG that will engross you. Battle scenes are done in 3D to give the game a great graphical look to it as well as having a rich and full storyline. Meet interesting characters and battle some of the most atrocious monsters you’ve ever encountered. Setting the mood is the accompanying sound track that really complements the game. Prepare to go on a journey with Camelot’s Beyond the Beyond.

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