AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Battery 9V


  • Pack of eight 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries
  • Long Shelf Life: Expiry 04-2023
  • Works with a variety of devices including digital cameras, game controllers, toys, and clocks; do not attempt to recharge
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

AmazonBasics 9V Everyday Alkaline Batteries

Keep everyday devices powered up and ready to use with 9-volt alkaline batteries from AmazonBasics. The batteries provide reliable performance across a wide range of devices, including garage door openers, smoke detectors, radios, toys, and other household items.

Note: these batteries are NOT rechargeable

BRAND: AmazonBasics
MPN: 6LR16-8PK
UPC: 841710157253


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