2002 Animated SpongeBob Squarepants Figure 6.5 inch


Item is an out of box product. Item shows signs of general discolouration all over and cracking paint around the arms. Item is fully tested to verify it is functioning properly. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

Push SpongeBob’s button on the base and he’ll dance to his theme song and talk to you.

“Now it’s time to bring it around town…”

“You delicate little Krabby Patty. With your tasty, juicy, scrumptious, warm, steamy goodness.”

Sings the Spongebob theme song

What would we do without Squidward”

“It’s pretty impressive alright”

“… No”

“I’m ready!!!…”

“Go Spongebob, Go Spongebob, Go Self!”

“Come and get it”


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