20 Pack Drill Brush Attachment Kit Power Scrubber Cleaning Rotary Accessory Replacement Scrub Pads


  • The brushes are compatible with any standard household cordless drill. The brushes utilize a 1/4″ drill bit.
  • Advantages: Drill Brushes do scrubbing jobs faster—and probably better—than you. These scrubbing brushes and pad attachments are powered by a drill, not your arm.
  • Variety Brushes: There are 20pcs brushes suited for tough work like cleaning brick, grout, and linoleum, or you can opt for a rounded design to really get into corners. Go for a brush with softer bristles to handle jobs on carpet and upholstery, or try a scrubbing pad to tackle grime in places like the shower or on glass stovetops.
  • Package List (20 Pieces): 3 sets 3 shape of Medium drill power scrubber brushes, 6pcs 4 inch Scouring pad, 1pc 4 inch backer, 3pcs 5 inch Sponges, 1pc 5 inch scrubber connector with 1pc I-clean Free brush

BRAND: I-Clean

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