2 x American Audio Radius 1000 CD MP3 Midi Player DJ Pair


Units have been tested and verified to function as they should. Signs of use, scuffs and scratches throughout the units. Some scratches on the platters. Overall condition is good. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

MPN: Radius 1000
BRAND: American Audio
Manufactured in 2009

  • Plays CD and MP3 discs as well as CDR discs, 2 scratch modes and 9 onboard effects with adjustable depth and range
  • 6 inch wheel that is touch sensative and has aled cue marker.
  • midi capable via usb port controls up to 8 channels at once
  • Quick MP3 /CD recognition, track and folder search, advanced track search : search for a new track while one is playing
  • American Audio Radius 1000 Single Scratching Table Top CD/MP3 and Midi Controller Via USB Port. 9 Onboard Effects And 6 Inch Platter

Whether you DJ with CDs or a computer, the American Audio, Radius 1000 will help you achieve the next level.The Radius 1000 is a professional CD/MP3 player with Midi capabilities so DJs can control their favorite music playback software. It features a large 6-inch (150 mm) jog wheel, nine on-board DSP effects, and a large bright display that shows track titles and artist ID tags. Radius 1000 has a red LED visual marker display that rotates around the jog wheel to show the reference point of where the CD/MP3 disc is playing.

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