18″ Billiard Ball Wall Clock Pool Room Decor


Loose second hand – the second hand does not seem to be attached/fastened the mechanics of the clock, does not move with the rest of the hands during function although you do see it attempting to move. Clock electronics work otherwise, it does keep time, the hands are not perfectly straight. Some minor scuffs/scratches on tops of balls. Otherwise the cosmetic condition is quite good, shows signs of pride of ownership, has been displayed by one owner only and then passed on to us to sell on consignment. The clock measures (from outer edge of frame) 18.5″ x 18.5″ and it is about 2.5″ thick from the back of the frame to the tip of the ball(s).

Clock is one of a kind, built in 1984 by Thomas M. Chapman (Chapman Billiards).

SIZE: 18½” x 18½” x 2½”

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